Top 7 Golf Resorts In The World

Golf is a wonderful sport that keeps body and mind healthy. One of the best things about golf is that going to a golf course is like going on vacation. Coursescan be very beautiful and serene. You could easily spend a couple of days at a lovely golf course. That’s why there are lots of golf resorts across the world now. These resorts are great place to stay and enjoy during vacations combined with the enjoyment of playing golf as well.

There are luxurious golf resorts that have many facilities for the guests. These include restaurants, fitness centers, and other special facilities. Resorts have free Wi-Fi for guests so that they can do can work, browse social networks or watch movies. Free Wi-Fi gives guests a chance to enjoy online casino games on sites like Playamo. Golfers can try your luck with Playamo bonus and win lots of money while staying at these resorts. Here we are going to discuss some of the most gorgeous golf resorts in the world.

Laucala, Fiji

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There is an 18-course golf course in this beautiful resort located in the island of Laucala. Guests can onlygo to the island by private jet provided by the resort. While playing golf here, golfers will enjoy beautiful views of volcanic mountains and cliffs. You will also see surfers surfing in the nearby sea. There are 24 villas in this resort with lots of land and water activity options for guests that want to do other things instead of playing golf.

The Broadmoor, Colorado

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This resort has been a host to the US Open golf tournament. It is located in a mountainous region and the views are spectacular. There are restaurants, wilderness lodges, spa, and many other facilities for guests.

Terre Branche, France

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There are two 18-holes golf courses in this resort. International golf tournaments are held here. It is a golfer’s paradise. There are waterfalls, lakes and forests around. Along with the hotel suites, there are villas as well, in case if people want some privacy. You will be able to play golf all day and relax in the villa at night.

Banyan Tree, Thailand

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Located in Phuket, this golf resort is simply stunning. It is a great location for golf tournaments. On the backdrop there are mountains and lagoons. If you stay here, you will have a wonderful holiday along with enjoyable golf games.

These resorts are heavenly; you will get the ultimate luxury experience. Though they are expensive, it’s worth it for the experience.