Checklist For Arranging A Golf Tournament

Are you planning to organize a golf tournament for the office? It’s not an easy job. There are lots of things that need to be considered. However, if you can organize it successfully, the experience can be very rewarding, indeed. Here is a checklist of things to consider when organizing a golf tournament.

Choosing date

It is better to choose a weekday. If you select a weekend, many employees might not like it as they have to sacrifice their off day for golf. Some may not turn up as well. So, it is better to set the date for a tournament on a weekday.

Select venue

It is advisable to choose the venue carefully. It shouldn’t be far away from the office as it will be difficult for the employees to get there otherwise. It should also be in a favorable location so you can find restaurants, hospitals and other things nearby.

Checklist For Arranging A Golf Tournament people playing - Checklist For Arranging A Golf Tournament

Make a committee

Don’t try to do everything by yourself. One way to solve this is by forming a committee where other golfers and non-golfers are included. The committee members should decide on budget, organization, and other important aspects of the tournament.

Find sponsors

Even if your company can manage to financially support a tournament, you should still look for sponsors. That way you can give freebies and gifts to the participants and guests.

Have golf equipment

Not everyone ownsgolf equipment. So, you need to hire some golf equipment for the tournament. This will give everyone a chance to play.


You can support your favorite charitable organization through a tournament. People will be happy to donate for a good cause. Aside from doing something positive this should alsoprovide an immense sense of pleasure.


You should try to provide free entry to employees. The fee should be at minimum cost so that everyone feels motivated to participate.

Raffle draw

You could also arrange a raffle draw. The winners will get lucrative prizes. Raffle draws will attract non-golfers to the tournament as well. This also gives everyone a chance to participate in the tournament.

Keep easy format

It is a good idea stick to the scramble without handicaps format. This will ensure that the tournament doesn’t stretch for too many hours and it will also providea chance for beginners to play with the pros.

Food and drink

An organizer should also arrange for food and drinks for golfers and guests. As a golf tournament will consume a big part of the day everyone will be happy if they can get food and drinks at regular intervals.

Maintaining this checklist will help you to organize a successful golf tournament. It will be a great office event that everyone will remember.