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To learn any new sport, you need to first know the rules and the basics. It is important to see things practically as well. But thebasic knowledge should be there. If you want to learn to playgolf, then it is a good idea to read books about how to play. There are different tricks that are explained well in books. Here are some books that we recommend.

The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods

By – Hank Haney

This book is written by Tiger Wood’s swing coach who has trained Tiger Woods for years. During his years of coaching, Tiger Woods won several competitions. He explained the strengths and weaknesses of Tiger Woods and also explained how he helped to improve Tiger’s performance.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

By – Mark Frost

This book is about the great golf player Francis Ouimet. He was just an ordinary player who entered the U.S. Open and beat two best golfers of that time. He used to play for Brooklyn Country Club, and later became a famous golf player. This book explains how you can achieve your dreams with dedication and hard work.

Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect

By – Bob Rotella

The writer has explains golf in a different way in this book. Here you will learn how to train your brain to play golf accurately. You will understand the importance of the distance between your two ears. You will know how to boost your confidence level and train your brain to handle difficult situations. This book will help you to prepare for tournaments.

The Complete Golfer

By – Herbert Warren Wind

In this book you will learn about golf architecture in detail here. Famous golfers like Henry Leach, Bernard Darwin, and others have written about the game and readers will learn a lot from their experience.

These books are worth reading if you are a golfer. You will be able to learn several things from them which can help you in your golfing career.